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Product Details

Phenoline 353 LT
Phenoline 353 LT is a highly cross-linked epoxy lining with extraordinary overall chemical resistance and versatility. It has a unique blend of resins that make it highly resistant to a variety of aggressive cargos like ethanol, gasolines, gasoline blends, biodiesel, fuel oils, and others. It can be used is both acidic and high temperature caustic exposures. Markets served are terminals, refineries, petrochemical, wastewater, railcar linings, and many others. This low temperature cure formulation allows application and curing down to 35°F (2°C).
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Phenoline 353 LT Mixed Metal Oxide SDS Part A
- Phenoline 353 LT PDS
- Phenoline 353 LT PDS-Marine
- Phenoline 353 LT SDS Part A
- Phenoline 353 LT SDS Part B
- Phenoline 353 Series Product Flyer
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