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Product Details

Carbothane 8845
Carbothane 8845 is a fast dry, high solids, low VOC, high gloss, high build, two component polyurethane coating. Carbothane 8845 exhibits the excellent dry times and handling characteristics required by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This coating has outstanding hardness, adhesion and resistance to: impact, marring, abrasion, chemicals and staining. Carbothane 8845 is recommended as a direct to metal finish coat or as a finish coat over properly primed substrates. Typical applications include air compressors, propane tanks, trailer chassis and frames, valves, pumps, waste water treatment plant equipment, agricultural equipment, hazardous material storage buildings and general industrial equipment. Not recommended for continuous immersion service.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carbothane 8845 - Urethane Converter 8843 SDS Part B
- Carbothane 8845 Mixed Metal Oxide SDS Part A
- Carbothane 8845 PDS
- Carbothane 8845 SDS Part A
- Urethane Converter 8843 SDS Part B
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