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Polyclad 777 Slow-Set
Polyclad 777 Slow Set is a high performance 100% solids structural polyurethane designed to provide superior corrosion protection for steel, ductile iron and concrete pipe. Tenacious adhesion and high impact resistance allow its use in the harshest environments. It forms a dense, long-term impermeable barrier that is ready for service moments after application through a snap-set cure mechanism. Typical uses include steel pipeline exteriors, steel valves & fittings, steel pilings, steel poles (above & below ground), buried tank exteriors, penstocks. No primer is required. Available in snap, fast, medium and slow set times.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Polyclad 777 Product Flyer
- Polyclad 777 Slow-Set (Polyclad 777) SDS Part A
- Polyclad 777 Slow-Set PDS
- Polyclad 777 Slow-Set SDS Part B
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