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Product Details

Plasite 9200 HAR
Plasite 9200 HAR is a high solids, self-priming epoxy, cured with an amine curing agent and formulated with special pigmentation to produce an abrasion resistant film with a degree of electrical conductivity. Plasite 9200 HAR can be used as an internal lining or protective coating on metal, concrete, or other conductive surfaces to effectively bleed off accumulated electrostatic charge. (As standard concrete filler-sealers having high dielectric properties cannot be used, Plasite 9200 HAR should not normally be considered as a total immersion lining for concrete vessels). FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Plasite 9200 HAR PDS
- Plasite 9200 HAR SDS Part A
- Plasite 9200 HAR SDS Part B
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