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Product Details

CZ (WB) Neutralizing Solution
Carbozinc (water based) Neutralizing Solution is an organic and biodegradable product designed specifically for use with Carbozinc and Carboweld water-based, inorganic primers, including: Carbozinc 11 WB Carbozinc 18 WB Carboweld 9 WB Carboweld 11 WB Carboweld 14 WB It is an environmentally safe product that will clean, neutralize (lower the surface pH), and degrease the waterbased Carbozinc/weld primers for topcoating. This product does not contain any bleach, chlorinated solvents, phosphates, muriatic or ozone depleting ingredients.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- CZ (WB) Neutralizing Solution PDS
- CZ (WB) Neutralizing Solution PDS-Marine
- CZ (WB) Neutralizing Solution SDS
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