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Carbotherm 735


Carbotherm 735 is a premium-grade, tough, resilient, glass syntactic polyurethane elastomer specifically designed to provide thermal insulation to subsea oil wells, pipelines, and associated equipment in subsea environments. Its tough mechanical properties make it suitable to use on hot pipe up to 165°F/74°C and under extreme pressures up to 4000 psi in depths up to 9000 feet at seawater temperatures of 34°F/2°C. It is ideal for jumpers and short pipe runs where a flexible, non-cracking thermal insulation is preferred for the purpose of providing "flow assurance".

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Technical Information
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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent (low) thermal conductivity properties
  • Flexible
  • Excellent flow for castable applications
  • Fast cure for quick application or return to service
  • Tough and resilient to handle shipping and installation
  • Handles extreme pressures up to 4000 psi (9000 ft/2700 m)
  • Dimensionally stable under extreme subsea exposures