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Carboseal 740 DPM


Carboseal 740 Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is a high solids epoxy primer that has excellent resistance to moisture. This outstanding moisture tolerance allows for installation of Carboseal systems on concrete that has a relative humidity of up to 100%.

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Carboseal 740 DPM PDS English

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Carboseal 740 DPM Base SDS Part A English

Carboseal 740 DPM Hardener SDS Part B English

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces project time scale, allows early installation of floor finishes
  • Excellent adhesion to concretes and screeds
  • Tolerates up to 100% relative humidity in the concrete or screed substrate
  • Easy to apply
  • Ultra low VOC
  • Low Odor
  • Flows easily filling small cracks and fissures
  • Optional contrasting color coats allows for visual control of the membrane uniformity in laying