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Product Details

Plasite 9060 LT
Plasite 9060 LT is a high performance tank lining with curing characteristics allowing the coating to be applied and cure at temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C) while achieving unmatched chemical resistance in caustic, acid, solvent and ethanol service. The diversity of chemical resistance and unique low temperature curing allows the owner flexibility with their equipment. For industrial use only.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Phenoline 353 Series Product Flyer
- Plasite 9060 LT Mixed Metal Oxide SDS Part A
- Plasite 9060 LT PDS
- Plasite 9060 LT PDS-Marine
- Plasite 9060 LT SDS Part A
- Plasite 9060 LT SDS Part B
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