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Product Details

Glass Flake Additive
Glass flake additive is used as a special reinforcing filler for any number of coatings to impart special or improved properties. The addition of glass flake can improve film toughness, improve flexibility, strengthen internal film properties, provide non-skid characteristics, and improve impact and cutting resistance. Glass flake additive can be used in any number of products to improve film properties. Most commonly used products include amine or polyamide epoxies, epoxy-novolacs, amine-adduct epoxies, phenolics, and others as recommended. Depending on specification, glass flake (3.6 lbs) may be used in 2 gal of mixed material or as much as 5 gal of material. Consult with Carboline Technical Service for specific recommendations. Using more glass flake per gallon increases non-skid properties.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Glass Flake Additive Product Data Sheet
- Glass Flake Additive SDS
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