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Semstone 6325 Sealant



Two-component, self-leveling, polyurethane sealant. It exhibits excellent flexibility with moderate hardness and good chemical resistance to organic acids, alkalis and most solvents. Uses: can be used in conjunction with all lining systems in a wide range of applications. All high movement joints: isolation, expansion or control Thermal shock situations Exterior applications

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Semstone 6325 Sealant PDS English

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Semstone 6325 Sealant ISO (MP7 Isocyanate) SDS Part B English

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Semstone 6325 Sealant Polyol SDS English

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Semstone 6325 Color Chart English


Features & Benefits

  • Long term abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Excellent bond strength assures good adhesion
  • Pourable viscosity allows easy installation to horizontal surfaces
  • Retains physical properties over a wide temperature range, -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C)
  • Factory proportioned packaging ensures consistent high quality and simplified mixing
  • Compatible with all Carboline lining systems