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Carboseal 580

Carboseal 580 is a two component, waterborne epoxy primer used as a primer/sealer for concrete substrates. It promotes the adhesion of a variety of topcoats including polyurethane/polyurea elastomers. It can be used on dry or damp concrete. It is particularly effective sealing prime damp concrete substrates prior to the application of topcoats that might otherwise be compromised by any surface moisture.

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Carboseal 580 PDS English

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Carboseal 580 SDS Part A English

Carboseal 580 SDS Part B English

Features & Benefits

  • Has excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Can be used over dry or damp concrete
  • Provides improved bond to damp concrete
  • Low VOC
  • Low odor
  • Fast dry to topcoat