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Carbomastic 18 BT
Carbomastic 18 BT is a fast-curing, heavy-duty, high-build anti-corrosive coating with a broad and versatile list of uses in marine and other corrosive environments. It is an excellent choice for the protection of ship hull exteriors, underwater and ballast tanks. Offshore applications include sub-sea, jackets, production decks, drilling rig legs, pontoons, in immersed surfaces. It meets the demands in IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings. It is classified “B1” (Superior Grade) under DNV standard “Testing and Classification of Ballast Tank Coatings”.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carbomastic 18 BT PDS
- Carbomastic 18 BT PDS-Marine
- Carbomastic 18 BT SDS Part A
- Carbomastic 18 BT SDS Part B