What is CarboNext?

CarboNext strives to educate, connect, support, and engage with the next generation of engineers and specifiers, specifically those interested in learning more about how protective coating systems help defend assets from the effects of corrosion.

Engineering firms and departments can benefit from CarboNext when:

  • There is a general need to better understand the performance requirements associated with protective coating systems.
  • They are facing a significant knowledge gap in corrosion control methods due to the retirement of subject-matter experts (SMEs).
  • They are seeking a way to supplement the development of younger engineers whose previous education devoted little time to protective coating systems.
  • There is a need for a common language and approach to corrosion control across the organization or department.
  • They are searching for a way to offer more qualified services and higher quality specifications.
CarboNext provides engineers and specifiers with a members-only educational course and supplementary content, access to a community of industry peers, and a dedicated Carboline Mentor with a network of SMEs who can provide project-tailored recommendations.

CarboNext is more than just an average young professionals' program. Unlike other programs:

  • We offer hands-on and practical experience across many industries, focusing solely on corrosion prevention and protective coating systems.
  • We provide an ever-expanding catalog of informative content developed by key technical personnel within Carboline, many of whom are longstanding coating industry professionals.
  • You can learn at your own pace rather than having to devote entire days and weeks to education
  • Your time commitment and level of participation are entirely up to you
  • You can have a valuable continuing educational experience without paying a penny.
  • You can network with industry peers and coatings professionals, both at exclusive in-person events and a members-only virtual forum.

What's Next?