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3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Steel Water Tank Linings

Selecting the right water storage tank lining is all about context. Here are the three main questions to consider when searching for a water tank lining that suits your specific needs.

By Paul Atzemis |

QuickTurn Three-Coat Systems for Field vs. Shop Applications

Carboline’s Technical Service team is often contacted by contractors, owners and specifiers looking for corrosion-resistant coating systems with high-performance characteristics for small carbon steel structures in exterior environments. These projects can...

Why Environmental Conditions Matter During Coating Application

Environmental conditions are vital to the life of a coating system—not just during application, but before and after the coating is applied as well. Conditions that fall outside of the recommended guidelines can have both an immediate and delayed adverse effect on the coating system.

How to Select Industrial Coatings for Steel Water Tank Exteriors

Depending on the specific circumstances at hand, there’s a surprising level of variability in how the application process is performed and which types of industrial coating systems are best suited for the job. For instance, a fluorourethane or polysiloxane coating may be chosen for a water tank...

Part 5 of 6: How “Just a Little Thinner” Impacts VOC Emissions in Industrial Coatings

One common industry practice occurs when painters are preparing to apply industrial coatings for the first time. With catalyzed coatings, part A and part B are mixed together according to the instructions. Purely out of habit, a stir stick is then used to assess the consistency...

How to Select the Best Lining for Concrete in Wastewater Applications

When it comes to linings for wastewater applications, concrete substrate has always been trickier than its steel cousin. This is largely because there are so many factors to consider—from concrete repair, laitance removal and new concrete cure times, to outgassing...

3 Basic Factors to Designing Secondary Containment Systems

In simple terms, a secondary containment area is defined as the containment of a leak or spill of a commodity that is being held in a primary containment unit, such as a tank or vessel. In order to properly specify a secondary containment lining…

How to Select Industrial Coatings for Wastewater Collection Systems

Serving a vital function in the local community, wastewater collection systems are designed with underground pipes and maintenance structures used to collect and convey wastewater away from homes and businesses to be treated…

Part 4 of 6: Using Data to Select an Industrial Coating with Low VOC Emissions

Let’s start out by evaluating paint emissions. A good way to estimate total VOC emissions is in the same way that estimators price out a paint job. When evaluating different paint systems in a coating specification, estimators always ask two questions…

Part 3 of 6: How to Choose Industrial Coatings with Low VOC Emissions

When I talk with asset owners about changing their coating specifications to lower VOC emissions, the topic of waterborne coatings inevitably pops up. The lines from a classic poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, come to mind: “Water, water, everywhere...

Introducing Pyrocrete 341: A Next-Generation Solution in Passive Fire Protection

In the industrial coatings world, there are few things worse than transporting freshly coated steel to a job site only to find significant damage to that coating upon arrival. Shipping steel members is hard on coatings systems—even cementitious ones.

4 Basic Questions to Consider When Selecting the Right Coating

Coatings recommendations are one of the most highly debated—and even misunderstood—aspects of the industrial coatings industry. Many different factors go into making the right selection. For instance, have you ever called a coatings…

Part 2 of 6: Save the Steel, Save the Planet!

Steel is the cornerstone of modern civilization—it’s strong, relatively inexpensive and lacks any viable alternatives. Some form of steel is used in virtually every modern structure, piece of equipment and vehicle.

How Polarity & Molecular Size Impact Tank Lining Selection

Water, crude oil, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, ammonia, dimethylformamide, sodium acetate, gasoline, jet fuel, bleach, nitric acid, beer, toluene and brine—this is quite an extensive spread, but it’s only a fraction of the chemicals for which…

Understanding Metamerism: Color Matching for Industrial Coatings

To understand the concept of metamerism, we must first start with a basic definition. In colorimetry, metamerism is when two colors that are not actually the same color appear the same under certain lighting conditions.