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Power - Nuclear

The nuclear industry is currently undergoing a renaissance period in both the United States and abroad.  Carboline has strong history in nuclear certified coatings for both new construction and maintenance, dating back to the 1960's.   This history, combined with our continuing nuclear level R&D and testing efforts, allows Carboline to be uniquely suited to service the nuclear industry with nuclear grade coatings going forward.  In the future, we will continue to push forward with existing and emerging nuclear coating technologies to meet the demands of the varying facility designs under construction across the globe.

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Carbocrylic 3357 HB
Carbocrylic 3359 DTM
Carboguard 1340 WB
Carboguard 1340N
Carboguard 501
Carboguard 510
Carboguard 890
Carboguard 890N
Carboguard 893N
Carbothane 134 HG
Carbothane 134 HG Aluminum
Carbotherm 3300
Carbotherm 551
Carbozinc 11 HSN
Carbozinc 11 SG
Plasite 3073
Sanitile 500
Sanitile 555
Sanitile 555 VOC
Sanitile 600
Sanitile 655
Sanitile 945 SL
Tammsflex NS (fka Plasite 935)