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Product Details

A 22 lb./ft³ (352 kg/m³) density (average) SFRM intended for the fire protection of structural columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, roofs, girders, floors and pre-cast concrete units. It is tested and certified for fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours. It was specifically formulated for high humidity areas such as mechanical rooms, elevator shafts and parking garages and is resistant to damage and moisture. Southwest Type 7GP is a trademark of the Southwest Fireproofing Products Company.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- A/D Type TC-55 Adhesive/Sealer
- OSHA Crystalline Silica Exposure Technical Bulletin 080717
- Products for High Humidty Conditions
- SFRM High Rise Building Code Update
- Southwest Adhesives Mandated for Roof Deck Systems
- Southwest Fireproofing Application Manual
- Southwest Fireproofing Product Selector
- Southwest Fireproofing Technical Guide Specification (Master)
- Southwest Type 7GP Density & Coverage Chart
- Southwest Type 7GP PDS Fireproofing
- Southwest Type 7GP Submittal Package
- Southwest Type 7GP Technical Specification Guide
- Southwest Type 7GP UL D739 (Protected Floor/Ceiling)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL D788 (Protected Floor/Ceiling)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL D949 (Unprotected Floor/Ceiling)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL J718 (Concrete Floor/Roof)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL N791 (Beam Only)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL P741 (Protected Roof/Ceiling)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL P921 (Unprotected Roof/Ceiling)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL S740 (Joist)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL U703 (Metal Wall Assembly)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL X771 (Columns)
- Southwest Type 7GP UL Y725 (Columns)
- Southwest Type DK3 (spatter coat)
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