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Product Details

Carboguard 885 LH
A versatile corrosion resistant coating used either as a primer, intermediate coat, or self-priming finish over steel or zinc primers. It may be topcoated with itself, or a broad variety of high performance finish coats. It also has surface tolerant properties. Low HAP’s formula allows use in shops that are under stringent Hazardous Air Pollutant regulations. It has versatile uses in the marine and offshore industries for both above and below the waterline. (Water immersion service is limited to select colors. See Limitations)
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carboguard 885 LH SDS Part B
- Carboguard 885 LH PDS
- Carboguard 885 LH PDS-Marine
- Carboguard 885 LH SDS Part A
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