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Product Details

Carboguard 868 Non-Skid LT
Carboguard 868 Non-Skid LT is a two component, polyamide modified, low VOC, high performance coating for demanding industrial maintenance, marine and architectural applications. It is a tough and durable satin finish ideal for use on steel, galvanized, aluminum and masonry. It should be used wherever non-skid properties, chemical and abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosive environments and outstanding adhesion are essential. It is suitable for use in refineries, offshore platforms, marine environments, chemical plants, food & beverage plants and pulp & paper mills or other industrial applications. A low temperature curative (Part B) speeds cure and lowers application temperatures to 35 °F.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carboguard 868 Non Skid LT (CG 868 Non Skid ) SDS Part A
- Carboguard 868 Non Skid LT SDS Part B
- Carboguard 868 Non-Skid LT PDS
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