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Product Details

Phenoline 187 UHS LT Primer
Phenoline 187 UHS LT Primer is an ultra high solids low temperature cure amine modified epoxy specially formulated for application under Phenoline 187 UHS LT Finish. It is low in both odor and VOC. It conforms to MIL-PRF-23236B(SH) Type IV, Class 2, Grade B and is recommended for industrial and marine exposures on steel and concrete. It provides excellent surface wetting and adhesion properties. It is used to line ballast, oil, and fuel storage tanks as well as water tanks and pipes, containment areas and water and waste water treatment plants.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Phenoline 187 UHS LT Primer (Phenoline 187 UHS Primer) SDS Part A
- Phenoline 187 UHS LT Primer PDS
- Phenoline 187 UHS LT Primer PDS-Marine
- Phenoline 187 UHS LT SDS Part B
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