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Product Details

Carboglas 1601 SG
This extremely durable and chemically resistant cladding utilizes a multi-step curing process that incorporates chemically-fused glass flake reinforcing in a highly cross-linked polyester matrix. The resultant layer is an extremely durable barrier against a variety of exposures including marine, fresh water, salt water, both mineral and organic acids, bleach solutions, and free chlorine. The multi-layer glass-flake reinforcement greatly impedes the penetration of water and other corrosives making this system extremely long performing.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carboglas 1601 SG Catalyst SDS
- Carboglas 1601 SG PDS
- Carboglas 1601 SG Product Flyer
- Carboglas 1601 SG SDS Part A
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