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Product Details

Carbothane 134 HS
An attractive, high gloss, high solids topcoat which is easily applied by airless or conventional spray to yield a smooth, easily cleanable surface. Recommended use as a finish coat for the exteriors of tanks, equipment, piping, structural steel, and concrete surfaces where chemical resistance, toughness, and weatherability are required. An excellent coating for use in chemical processing, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, bridge, offshore, railcars, heavy marine, institutional and waste treatment facilities where a highly resistant and attractive coating is desired. Not recommended for immersion service.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carbothane 134 HS - Urethane Converter 900 SDS Part B
- Carbothane 134 HS Metallic SDS Part A
- Carbothane 134 HS Mixed Metal Oxide SDS Part A
- Carbothane 134 HS PDS
- Carbothane 134 HS SDS Part A
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