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Product Details

Carboguard 869 Non-Skid LT
Carboguard 869 Non-Skid is a two component, polyamide modified, low VOC, high performance coating for demanding industrial maintenance, marine and architectural applications. It is a tough and durable satin finish perfect for use on steel, galvanized, aluminum and masonry. It has a unique non-skid filler package which requires no agitation during application. In spite of its apparent lower profile aggregate, it has improved non-slip properties over larger aggregate materials, even when wet. It has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, particularly in marine or other corrosive environments. It is suitable for use on properly prepared concrete & steel surfaces in refineries, offshore platforms, chemical plants, food & beverage plants and pulp & paper mills.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carboguard 869 Non Skid LT SDS Part B
- Carboguard 869 Non-Skid LT (Carboguard 869 Non Skid) SDS Part A
- Carboguard 869 Non-Skid LT PDS
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