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Product Details

Carbowrap Paste
Carbowrap Paste is a preparatory priming paste used to displace surface moisture, passivates surface oxides and fills small irregularities in the substrate. It consists of saturated petroleum based compound and passivating agents. Marine Paste is a special primer paste that contains wide spectrum biocides that resist the growth of microbial organisms. The Carbowrap System is designed to be applied over hand or power wire brushed surfaces for above ground, buried, and underwater applications. The typical system involves priming the surface with a paste (Carbowarp Paste), profiling around irregular shapes with a mastic compound (Carbowrap Mastic), and wrapping with a petroleum tape (Carbowrap Tape A, B, C or Marine Tape). An optional overwrap tape (Carbowrap Overwrap) is used for additional mechanical or electrical resistance.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Carbowrap Paste PDS
- Carbowrap Paste PDS-Marine
- Carbowrap Petrolatum Tape Series Paste SDS
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