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Product Details

Semstone 800 Series PM
800 Series Patching Mortar is a three-component, vinyl ester patching mortar. 800 Series Patching Mortar exhibits excellent bond strength and chemical resistance to most acids, alkalies, salt solutions and oils. Due to its non-sag, lightweight consistency, it is used to permanently patch and repair vertical and overhead voids. Uses: 800 Series Patching Mortar is a vinyl ester patching mortar. It may be used in a variety of applications such as: Filling voids and bugholes in precast concrete and other masonry surfaces. Bonding mortar on stone, concrete and plaster. Repairing damaged concrete and filling narrow cracks in concrete. Used in conjuction with 700 and 800 Series Coatings and Linings applications.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Semstone 800 Patching Mortar SDS Part C
- Semstone 800 PM PDS
- Semstone 800 PM PDS Flooring
- Semstone 800 Series Patching Mortar (Primer) SDS Part A
- Semstone 800 Series Patching Mortar (Primer) SDS Part B
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