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Product Details

Semstone 806
SEMSTONE 806 is a 100% solids, low odor, rubberized epoxy. It is used as a chemically resistant coating for concrete. When reinforced with our flexible reinforcing fabrics it provides a system which will bridge working cracks as well as expansion joints. SEMSTONE 806 reinforced with #100 fabric can bridge crack expansion joint movement up to 1/2” without cracking. SEMSTONE 806, as packaged, is a self-leveling material. However, it maybe used as a high build coating system by the addition of a third component, Part C, which is a non-silica thixotrope (when using reinforcing fabric, Part C is not required). The product may be applied by airless spray, notched trowel, squeegee, brush or roller. To make a trowel/caulk grade or putty, add Part C. SEMSTONE 806 provides an abrasion, chemical and water resistant coating that exhibits good flexibility allowing it to accommodate crack movement. Concrete slabs with severe cracking problems, as well as all construction and expansion joints, may be treated using SEMSTONE 806 with #100 Fabric is ideal for use as a secondary containment coating.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Semstone 806 PDS
- Semstone 806 SDS Part A
- Semstone 806 SDS Part B
- Semstone Fabric 100 SDS
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