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Reactamine 760

The next evolution of elastomeric lining technology

Reactamine 760 provides excellent protection to both concrete and steel against corrosion. It is ideal for immersion service in water and wastewater environments and provides protection against mircrobiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and hydrogen sulfide levels seen in wastewater treatment.

• UL approved for ANSI/NSF std. 61 potable water
• FDA Compliant (21 CFR 175.300 Method D, E & G and direct dry food contact)
• Environmentally friendly product; zero VOC and low odor
• Low temperature cure
• Tough film that has excellent tear, impact and abrasion resistance
• Fast setting properties result in quick return to service
• Applicator-friendly formulation with smooth finish
• Covers rough concrete, cracks, welds, edges and bolts in one coat
• Monolithic film that is a dense membrane with low permeability
• High production rate with plural component spray equipment
• Easy to repair, patch by hand using repair kits
• Package Options: 150, 75 and 15 gallon kits
• Easy to repair with ¾ gallon kit or dual cartridges

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