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Plasite 4550 HT

Plasite 4550 HT is a 100% solids, reinforced, premium novolac epoxy coating for internal tank lining.

Phenoline Tank Shield

Phenoline Tank Shield is a unique proprietary epoxy tank lining formulation designed to handle storage of crude oil, process liquids and various fuels including gasoline and jet fuels. Tank Shield is a standard airless spray lining. This single-coat, blush-resistant lining will cure at low temperatures, has excellent film build properties, and can be placed in service relatively quickly.

Fireproofing Lab

Last year, Carboline broke ground on a stateof- the-art full-scale passive fire protection testing lab at its (RD&I) Center. This new testing facility will increase the speed to market for new fireproofing products, provide the ability to receive approvals for alternate raw materials, and fulfill testing requirements for ever-changing codes and regulations.

Training Schools

Dates for 2020 have been posted! Carboline is committed to education and teaching best practices to those new to the industry or need to expand their knowledge. Carboline's offering includes: corrosion school, industrial fireproofing school, commercial fireproofing school, and a rail school.

Product Search

Carboline can protect concrete and steel, from collection to treatment to storage. We are recognized as a leader in the coatings industries for providing proven systems that defend against corrosion caused by microbes and hydrogen sulfide. Our proven tank linings, secondary containment products, and concrete protection coatings stand up against the numerous challenges facing treatment facilities.