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MTO Expediting Policy


Carboline recognizes the need to expedite Made-To-Order (MTO) batches for our customers. We have the ability to alter our production schedule when the need arises. This policy outlines the fees associated with this expedited service.



Carboline currently manufactures Made-To-Order (MTO) products in 10 days, which is an industry leading timeline. When a product is required faster than 10 days, the following fees will occur:


A summary of this expediting policy is as follows:


  • 1. The customer must inform Carboline at the time of order entry that there is a request to expedite the order.


    2. Expedite schedule and fees will be:

    a. 8 days = $200 processing fee.
    b. 6 days = $400 processing fee.
    c. 4 days = $600 processing fee.
    d. 2 days = $800 processing fee.


  • 3. Carboline will make every effort to meet the customer requested schedule. If Carboline fails to hit the requested date, the fee to the customer will be waived.


  • 4. Applies only to MTO orders scheduled to ship from a manufacturing distribution center.


  • 5. Days are measured from order entry to order ship date. The day calculation does not include transportation time.