RGA USA Policy


A clear, concise, flexible and fair return policy that provides Carboline customers the security of knowing what to expect with respect to returned goods.



Carboline understands that from time to time material returns are part of doing business. While Carboline is open to returned goods, all returns must be (1) in DOT compliant, legally packaged containers and (2) authorized by Carboline in advance with no exceptions. This material will be shipped on a bill of lading and must comply with all applicable DOT regulations. All material received shall meet the requirements of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR), Parts 171-180.


This policy excludes all fireproofing materials.


A summary of the return policy is as follows:


  • 1. In cases of confirmed defective material or instances where Carboline has shipped a product, color or size other than was ordered, Carboline will issue 100% credit and arrange and pay for 100% of return freight.


    2. Credit for returned goods of Carboline coatings will be issued for unopened, undamaged containers and/or cartons in salable condition (exceptions below) when returned in accordance with the following schedule from the original shipment date. Carboline will pay 100% of freight cost for these approved returns. These returns are subject to acceptable condition as determined by inspection upon receipt.

    Less than 90 days 80% Credit
    More than 90 days but not more than 120 Days 60% Credit
    More than 120 Days but not more than 180 Days 40% Credit

    Time period is calculated by shipment date and receipt date of request for return authorization.


  • 3. Exceptions to above: Due to the manufacturing, technology and/or color of certain goods, Carboline will accept the return of the following goods for 0% credit and a $10 per gallon processing fee. Partially filled containers in DOT compliant, legally packaged containers will be charged at the volume on the label.

    • Nuclear Grade products
    • Made-to-Order products (MTO)
    • Tinted bases (RTS)
    • Custom colors
    • Material past shelf life
    • Material determined to be in unacceptable condition
    • Competitors’ products unopened and undamaged in DOT compliant, legally packaged containers.


  • 4. Carboline believes this is the most customer-centric return policy in the industry. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of hazardous goods, such as used solvent, tool washout, contaminated/mixed material or empty cans.


  • 5. If unauthorized material arrives at Carboline, a processing fee of $25 per gallon will be assessed to the sender.


Download the RGA form here.