Solving Your Rail Car Protection Needs

Protecting your rail car involves more than just paint.

We understand that quality truly dictates coating performance. That's why we formulate our innovative rail car coatings and linings with the highest-quality raw materials and manufacturing processes—resulting in industry-leading products with proven performance.


Our dedicated team of rail experts will partner with you to help:
  • Increase Service Life: Our coatings and linings are formulated to deliver long-term performance, protecting against corrosion, extending service life, and reducing maintenance.
  • Improve Throughput: Our products offer easy application and a fast cure, minimizing downtime and getting your rail cars back into operation more quickly.
  • Reduce Costs: Our expert team provides superior products and on-site training to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance and realize lower total applied cost.
  • Curb Material Waste: Our high solids direct-to-metal (DTM) exterior coatings and single-coat liners minimize material waste and inventory needs.

From product development to application and maintenance, we partner with you throughout the process to help align key stakeholders on critical factors for coating selection, such as:

  •  •  What is your service application?
  •  •  What are your environmental exposures?
  •  •  What are your performance requirements?
  •  •  Is corrosion protection or physical appearance important?
  •  •  What is the desired service life?
  •  •  What is your biggest challenge?

Delivering a "One-Stop-Shop" Resource

Enjoy access to a one-stop-shop experience that delivers dedicated service, support, and educational resources tailored to your unique needs.

Our innovative products are backed by the industry's most experienced rail professionals. Our dedicated team of customer service, sales, and technical specialists is focused solely on the ever-evolving rail market.

Carboline offers a vast breadth of education, training, and 24/7 technical support that equips our specifiers, shippers, and applicators with the latest, evidence-based information on rail protection.

  • Dedicated customer service and sales support
  • 24/7 technical service support throughout North America
  • Free access to Carboline's Rail Corrosion School
  • Educational resources ranging from on-site training to lunch and learns


Full-Service Offerings

  •  •  Product recommendations for rail cars
  •  •  Commodity testing and verification
  •  •  On-site application and maintenance training
  •  •  Sample car and courtesy inspections
  •  •  Coating failure analysis
  •  •  Fleet evaluations

Rail Corrosion School

Hosted at Carboline's headquarters, this two-day seminar covers a wealth of rail-specific topics—from the common rail car coating and lining systems to best practices for surface preparation, application, and repair. Attendees also have the opportunity to receive hands-on application training with a variety of coatings.

Several seminars are hosted throughout the year.

Industry-Leading Products with Proven Performance

Delivering protection against a wide range of chemical exposures, Carboline's product line offers the most inclusive, highly regarded interior and exterior systems in the rail industry.

Our complete line of one- and two-coat systems range from high-performance exterior coatings to interior linings for everything from food service to highly corrosive chemicals.


Browse Our Rail Resources

From educational webinars to rail product guides, our expert team is here to support you. Browse our resource library for more information about our rail coating and lining capabilities.