Carboline Announces New High-Build Epoxy Wastewater Lining



ST. LOUIS, August 23, 2023 -- Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Hydroplate 6500, a 100% solids, ultra-high build epoxy lining for concrete and steel assets in severe wastewater service.

"We are thrilled to introduce Hydroplate 6500 to the market," said Carboline Water & Wastewater Market Manager Jeremy Sukola. "This is a game-changing solution for the owner, specifier, and applicator alike; an ultra-high build lining that offers exceptional resistance to hydrogen sulfide and biogenic corrosion, with an extremely short return to service time and absolutely unmatched simplicity in its application."

Hydroplate 6500 is glass-flake reinforced to offer excellent abrasion and impact resistance with an ultra-high build formulation capable of achieving over 250 mils in a single pass.

Engineered for easier and more consistent application, Hydroplate 6500 offers an extended pot life allowing application through either single-leg or plural-component equipment at spray pressures down to 2,500 psi—less than half the required pressure to apply competing 100% solids high-build linings.

And, downtime and costs are minimized due to Hydroplate 6500’s rapid return-to-service time of only 10 hours.

By adding Hydroplate 6500 to its water and wastewater product mix, Carboline becomes the only manufacturer to support in-house production of polyurethane leak sealing grouts, structural concrete resurfacers, and 100% solids lining solutions. The product excelled in its ASTM G210 Severe Wastewater Analysis Testing (SWAT), showcasing its fit-for-service formulation.

"Hydroplate 6500 represents a significant leap forward in corrosion control in the water and wastewater infrastructure space," Sukola added. "Our commitment to innovation has driven us to create a product that not only meets, but far exceeds the expectations of our customers."

View the Hydroplate 6500 product page here, or learn more by contacting Jeremy Sukola at or 678-421-8076.

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