Carboline Announces the Release of Hydroplate, a Product Line Exclusively for the Water and Wastewater Markets



ST. LOUIS, March 20, 2023 -- Carboline is proud to announce the release of Hydroplate linings, a new product line specifically designed for the water and wastewater markets.

Hydroplate high-performance, potable water linings are the ultra-durable solution for protecting the most valuable assets against the damaging effects of corrosion in the new tank construction and maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) markets. These linings are designed to coat varying types of steel and concrete ground and elevated storage tanks and to provide the ultimate protection for potable water pipes, valves, and fittings. The Hydroplate series includes single and multiple coat linings that offer high solids and near solvent-free options, with high-build capabilities, fast cure properties, and the ability for rapid return to service.

"The Hydroplate line will continue to build on Carboline's 75-year mission to deliver innovative solutions for protecting and preserving our vital steel and concrete infrastructure assets,” said Jeremy Sukola, the Water and Wastewater Market Manager for Carboline. "They offer varying film builds, real-world application benefits, and other service life-extending attributes."

Hydroplate linings provide superior protection while adhering to the most stringent requirements outlined in multiple AWWA standards and NSF/ANSI/CAN 61- NSF/ANSI/CAN 600 standard that significantly reduces the allowable amounts of certain extractable solvents. Hydroplate potable water linings provide lower overall VOCs than many previous-generation linings while offering an extremely durable and sustainable option for extending asset service life. 

"Hydroplate linings provide the robust chemical resistance required in the water and wastewater markets," remarks Paul Atzemis, Carboline's Director of Technical Service. "These products are outstanding options for water storage and the harsh environments found in water treatment plants."

The Hydroplate line of materials offers a variety of film thickness options, from thin film applications under five mils DFT to higher build solutions that exceed 30 mils in a single application. With varying advanced resin technologies, Hydroplate lining options include the ability to cure down to 20 °F (-6 °C), fast recoat and overcoating schedules, and extended maximum recoat windows. These application benefits can help extend the painting season and limit costly project schedule delays.

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