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Carboline is your source for coatings, linings, fireproofing

Carboline was founded in 1947 in St. Louis when Stanley Lopata developed a product to solve a problem for a single customer. After over 70 years, Carboline is still dedicated and committed to solving customers' problems by providing high-performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products around the world. Over the years, Carboline has expanded to over 25 manufacturing locations and 100-plus distribution centers strategically located around the world. In addition, Carboline has one of the most advanced global research and development facilities strictly dedicated to high-performance coatings, linings and fireproofing materials. The state-of-the-art facility located in St. Louis includes world-class product development, testing and applications areas. The St. Louis lab serves as a technical hub to regional research and development facilities around the world.

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The world of zinc primers just changed

How can something that has been the same for over 50 years now be greatly improved? New technology developed now allows zinc primers to be applied at thicker films, which provides more protection. The world of zinc primers just changed for the better.

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