Carboline Introduces Carbothane® 134 UV Ultra



St. Louis, Missouri, MAY 23, 2019 – Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Carbothane 134 UV Ultra. Carbothane 134 UV Ultra has unsurpassed color and gloss retention for an acrylic polyurethane. 

Carbothane 134 UV Ultra offers a smooth, durable finish with outstanding chemical resistance. It is uniquely formulated to provide enhanced UV protection. The result is a premium polyurethane finish coat that delivers color and gloss performance levels normally compared to polysiloxane or fluoropolymer coatings. This product exceeds SSPC Coating Specification No. 36 Level 3A, by greater than 2 and a half times! The primary use for Carbothane 134 UV Ultra is in any market where an ultra-high performance polyurethane finish is needed.

"The primary advantage of Carbothane 134 UV Ultra is its outstanding color and gloss retention in UV exposure. It is the ideal solution for customers who want higher performance than typical aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coatings provide,” said Melissa Molitor, Vice President of Marketing.

By eliminating the requirement for clear polyurethane it provides significant labor cost savings and substantially reduces the time to complete projects when compared to typical aliphatic polyurethane/aliphatic polyurethane clear finish coats. All of these significant savings can be achieved without sacrificing performance.

"Carbothane 134 UV Ultra was developed to offer a one coat polyurethane finish that provides outstanding color and gloss retention for the exterior of water storage tanks, piping, etc. Although the primary demand for this exceptional performance is in the Water and Wastewater market, this product provides exceptional value for virtually any customer that wants outstanding color and gloss retention without paying the price for an extra coat of clear polyurethane,” said Jeff Anderson, Vice President - Research, Development & Innovation.

Carbothane 134 UV Ultra provides outstanding long-term color and gloss retention in UV exposure without the need for an extra coat of clear aliphatic polyurethane. The result is substantially lower overall cost and much faster return to service without sacrificing performance.

Carbothane® 134 UV Ultra


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