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St. Louis, Missouri, JULY 8, 2020 – Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Pyrocrete 341. Pyrocrete 341 is the next generation in cementitious passive fire protection.

It offers the Petrochemical industry a "3-for-1" advantage. Three major features in one product. In one single product, you can expect excellent durability, the most extensive certification in the industry, and enhanced application properties.

"Carboline is excited about the release of Pyrocrete 341. This product provides advantages to owners, engineering firms, and applicators. For the owner, the product has been tested to all current industry standards with excellent results. Extremely high film build and competitive thicknesses result in significant cost savings for the applicator. For shop applications, the ability to build 1½" (38 mm) in one pass, high durability, and quick set times provide the fireproofing shop owner with significant throughput advantages over competitive cementitious products. As a robust, cost-effective solution to current market needs, Carboline is eager to welcome Pyrocrete 341 into the global fireproofing industry," said Jim Rippe, Executive Vice President Fireproofing/Engineering Sales.

Pyrocrete 341 is a high density, exterior grade cementitious fireproofing product designed for maximum protection and proven performance. It is UL 1709 rated for up to 4 hours of hydrocarbon fire protection and has 30 minutes to two hours of jet fire resistance. This product rapidly develops strength and provides maximum durability for onsite or offsite applications.

"The testing performed on Pyrocrete 341 is unsurpassed in the industry. Pyrocrete 341 performs exceptionally well in cyclic conditions. Exposed to cryogenic conditions, followed by jet fire, hose stream, explosion, and hydrocarbon fire testing as a cycle. These elevated testing protocols ensure our customers the ultimate durability and performance," said Jeff Anderson, Vice President, Research, Development & Innovation.

Pyrocrete 341 was developed to strengthen Carboline's existing cementitious fireproofing portfolio. It is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, with strict QA/QC protocols all under the UL follow up service. This process ensures the highest quality product for our customers worldwide.


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Pyrocrete 341

Pyrocrete 341 showing true thermal performance when subject to the highly erosive forces of jet fire.

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