Carboline Relaunches Podcast with New Name and Direction

The Red Bucket: A Protective Coatings Podcast


ST. LOUIS, October 18, 2022 -- Carboline is pleased to announce the launch of The Red Bucket: A Protective Coatings Podcast. This podcast series is the direct successor to the Carboline Tech Service Podcast, which officially ended in May 2022 after a run of 200 episodes.

The Red Bucket is an educational podcast series once again hosted by Carboline employees Paul Atzemis, Director of Technical Service, and Jack Walker, Product Line Manager. Unlike its precursor, each episode features a guest from outside Carboline, weighing in on a key topic within the coatings industry and sharing their processes, practices, and passions with the hosts.

"We occasionally included people from throughout the industry on the Tech Service Podcast, and looking back on it, those were some of our favorite episodes," said host Jack Walker. "There is so much knowledge and experience out there in the world of coatings, and we wanted to give SMEs a platform for sharing their expertise and the things that excite them."

New for The Red Bucket is a segment called "Tech Tips," in which technical representatives from throughout Carboline share short pieces of advice related to each episode's topic. Also new is a segment called "The Four Questions," where guests answer four non-technical questions, giving listeners a better idea of who they are outside their jobs.

"I think listeners will love this new direction, whether they're young engineers and specifiers or old industry vets," said host Paul Atzemis. "We truly take the time to dive into a topic and analyze it from different perspectives. I think that beats just listening to me and Jack rambling on and telling each other jokes."

A new episode of The Red Bucket: A Protective Coatings Podcast is released every third Tuesday of the month and is available on all podcast streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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