Phenoline Tank Shield

Phenoline Tank Shield is a solvent-free, batch mix epoxy lining that handles a variety of exposures in the petrochemical industry.


Phenoline Tank Shield is a unique proprietary epoxy tank lining formulation designed to handle storage of crude oil, process liquids and various fuels including gasoline and jet fuels. Tank Shield is a standard airless spray lining. This single-coat, blushresistant lining will cure at low temperatures, has excellent film build properties, and can be placed in service relatively quickly. It has versatile applications due to the outstanding resistance to a wide spectrum of petrochemical cargoes typically found in the oil and gas industry. Phenoline Tank Shield is packaged in convenient 1:1, 4 gallon kits for simple mixing. The A and B components are contrasting to indicate proper mixing. Couple with Phenoline Tank Shield FP for a pinhole free application on pitted tank floors.

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