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Phenoline 385


High performance, high solids, epoxy lining that is recommended for a variety of petroleum storage products including 180°F (82°C) crude oil, demineralized water 150°F (65°C), crude/water mixtures, fuel oil, jet fuel, biodiesel, and gasoline. It is also a good choice for wastewater and water exposures. Product is self-priming and is normally applied in two coats. It is also suitable for food-grade (aqueous) cargos and meets the FDA requirements for 21CFR 175.300 for direct food contact.

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Phenoline 385 PDS English

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Phenoline 385 SDS Part A English

Phenoline 385 SDS Part B English

Features & Benefits

  • High solids; Low VOC formula
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
  • Excellent for crude-oil storage
  • Excellent resistance to petroleum products
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Passes EI 1541 jet fuel gum test