Carboguard 635 VOC

An all-purpose immersion-grade epoxy that has a variety of attributes including low-temperature cure, surface tolerance, fast recoat times, moisture tolerance during application and cure, and excellent corrosion protection. It has low VOC and low HAP's content for use in areas with restricted volatile emissions. Can be used direct to metal as a corrosion resistant primer or as an intermediate coating over other primers. Suitable for both maintenance and new construction projects due to its excellent surface wetting characteristics and quick cure for handling. May also be used for immersion in potable water, fresh or salt water (marine) exposures.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low temperature cure (20°F)
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent application characteristics
  • Fast recoat times
  • Moisture tolerance during application
  • Extended recoat window for atmospheric exposures (6 months for most topcoats)
  • Low VOC and low HAPs content
  • Certified by UL to meet the drinking water criteria of NSF/ANSI/CAN 600
  • Meets IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings MSC.215(82): 2006 for sea water ballast tanks