Carbozinc 18 WB

Carbozinc 18 WB is a fast drying, high zinc content, coating for steel substrates. It has outstanding performance in demanding corrosive environments. It self heals to continue protection when damaged. It provides cathodic sacrificial protection and thus prevents corrosion of the underlying steel, like galvanizing. It contains 90% zinc dust by weight in the dried film. This waterborne product has no VOC or flash point. Use in industrial, marine, and process environments.

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Carbozinc 18 WB PDS English
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Carbozinc 18 WB (aka Indurazinc HRZ-18 FB Primer) SDS English

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Zero VOC
  • Outstanding undercutting resistance
  • High zinc content
  • Permanent protection