Plasite 4302 HT

Plasite 4302 HT is an inert flake-filled novolac epoxy vinyl-ester coating and lining System designed for application over steel and concrete. Its resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, including organic and inorganic acids, most alkalies, and many solvents makes it highly suitable for immersion service as internal steel tank linings, as well as for splash, spill, and fume exposures on structural steel. Plasite 4302 HT is a two component system consisting of a Part A resin and a Part B catalyst. It is applied by brush, roller, and spray techniques and is typically applied to a total thickness of 35-to-45 mils (888-1143 micorons) in two coats for internal linings and 15 to 40 mils (1016 microns) for splash, spill and vapor zones for structural steel or concrete structures. It can be inert mat reinforced when exposure conditions dictate greater thicknesses.

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