Plasite 4540

This product is a solvent-free, edge retentive, blush-resistant high performance epoxy coating designed as an internal tank lining for chemical or other commodity storage. It is a two-component system applied by plural component spray equipment, at film thicknesses of 20-50 mils (500-1250 microns) in a monolithic application. It is particularly suited for petroleum-based cargoes including crude oil; fuel oils, gasoline and gasoline blends, jet fuel and diesel. It has excellent hot water resistance (deionized water up to 180°F/82°C). It has extremely fast cure times for turnaround projects that require placing back in service quickly. The product has a unique ability to be applied as a prime coat and immediately back-rolled after spraying. This is recommended to treat pitted steel, weld areas, and the like. A second coat can be applied right after the prime coat using the same product for a “two-coat” yet monolithic application.

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Features & Benefits

  • Quick walk on time
  • Fast return to service
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Superior adhesion to steel
  • Blush resistant
  • Resistance to a broad range of chemicals
  • Excellent hot water resistance
  • Can be applied to substrate as low as 35°F/2°C
  • Can be applied as a single-coat 20-50 mil system