Plasite 4550 S

PLASITE 4550 S is a 100% solids, flake filled, premium novolac epoxy coating designed for internal steel and concrete substrates. It is a two component system consisting of four-parts by volume of Part A resin and one part by volume of Part B hardener. It is applied by plural component or single component spray equipment, from a total thickness of 20-60 mils (500-1500 microns) in a single coat application for a variety of applications. This product has been tested and is approved for crude oil storage and transportation up to 350°F (177°C). It has superior thermal shock resistance over the range -40° to 350°F (-40 to 177°C). Typical Uses: Crude oil tankers, chemical storage tanks, wastewater clarifiers, plating vats, oil storage tanks, catwalks, pulp and paper liquor tanks or concrete exposures in wastewater applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • High impact and thermal shock resistance
  • Superior adhesion to steel and concrete
  • Resistance to a broad range of chemicals
  • Can be applied up to 60 mils in one coat
  • Can be sprayed using single component airless equipment
  • Passes ASTM G210 - Severe Waste Water Analysis Test (SWAT)