Tammsflex NS (fka Plasite 935)

TAMMSFLEX NS is a two-part, elastomeric, polysulfide caulking and sealing compound and is supplied by a Carboline sister company (Euclid Chemical). It cures at normal temperatures creating a tough elastomeric seal that adheres tenaciously to masonry, metal and wood. It will withstand repeated expansion and contraction and remain resilient through daily and seasonal cyclic changes in temperature. It has excellent chemical, solvent, and water resistance and will withstand joint movement of up to ±25%. It is to be used as a general purpose expansion joint sealant designed for splash and spill and secondary containment of moderate strength acids, alkalies and some solvents typically found in industrial chemical processing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Complies with ASTM C920, Type M, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, M, G, A, and O