Thermo-Lag E100

An epoxy intumescent fireproofing for commercial and light industrial applications. It was specifically designed with an advanced formulation to provide 1-3 hour cellulosic fire protection for structural steel beams, I-section columns, tubular columns and pipes without the need for reinforcing mesh. It provides a fast curing, aesthetically pleasing fire protection solution and is rated for both exterior and interior applications.

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Thermo-Lag E100 PDS English
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Thermo-Lag E100 SDS Part A English
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Thermo-Lag E100 Application Manual English
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Thermo-Lag E100 ITS CC-IF 180-01 (Restrained / Unrestrained Beam) English
Thermo-Lag E100 ITS CC/IF 180-02 (Wide Flange Column) English
Thermo-Lag E100 ITS CC/IF 180-03 Hollow Section Column) English
Thermo-Lag E100 LA Research Report 25484 English
Thermo-Lag E100 Series Environmental Product Declaration English
Thermo-Lag E100 Submittal Package English
Thermo-Lag E100 Technical Specification Guide English
Thermo-Lag E100 UL Certificate of Compliance English

Features & Benefits

  • Certified to UL 263 / ASTM E119 / NFPA 251
  • Exterior and interior rated
  • High quality aesthetic finish
  • Does not require reinforcing mesh
  • Low thickness requirements
  • High build, fast recoat
  • Saves application time, lowering installation cost
  • Rugged durable material suitable for onsite or offsite applications
  • LEED compliant, low VOC
  • Extensive outgas testing for controlled cleanroom and sterile environments