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Pyrocrete 341

Pyrocrete 341 is the Next Generation in Passive Fire Protection.


Pyrocrete 341 is a major advancement in cementitious PFP. It offers the Petrochemical industry a “3-for-1” advantage. Three major features in one product. In one single product you can expect excellent durability, the most extensive certification in the industry and enhanced application properties. Pyrocrete 341 is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, with strict QA/QC protocols all under the UL follow up service. This process ensures the highest quality product for our customers worldwide.


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  • Pyrocrete 341 is the most extensively tested cementitious fireproofing product in the industry.
  • The superior physical properties and early hardness development of Pyrocrete 341 promote high durability when handling, shipping, during construction, and while in service.
  • Pyrocrete 341 can achieve three main test standards at a single thickness, without adding additional material to account for erosion.
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