CTSP Episode 137 - Coatings Under Insulation and Evolution of the Standard Practices

Paul Atzemis and Jack Walker discuss the evolution of coatings under insulation. They explore the early practices and what is commonly performed today.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:07 Creative topic selection
  • 2:05 Coatings under insulation, the beginning
  • 3:16 Coatings under insulation compared to immersion service
  • 3:45 The effects of heat, oxygen, and moisture on the corrosion of assets under insulation
  • 4:00 The early adoption of inorganic zinc in the 1980s for CUI
  • 4:40 NACE study of CUI
  • 5:42 NACE study eliminates inorganic zinc as an option for CUI due to polarity reversal
  • 6:58 Salt effects on zinc polarity reversal
  • 7:47 Fireproofing and its similarity to insulation
  • 9:25 The introduction of NACE SP0198


  • 11:06 Wrap up

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