CTSP Episode 200 - A Look Back

In this special episode of the Carboline Tech Service Podcast, Jack and Paul celebrate reaching 200 episodes by taking a look back at some of the on-air highs (and lows) throughout the past few years.

Trust Your Source: 3 Benefits of Single-Source Coating Supplier Partnerships

In a post-pandemic world, here are three reasons why companies in the industrial and process industries should leverage a single-source coating supplier.

CTSP Episode 199 - Specifications Pt. 3: An Engineer's Perspective

Cortney Chalifoux, PhD, PE, PCS, Coatings Program Manager at Pond & Company, joins Jack and Paul to close out their series on specifications. They discuss the significance of having the right specification and explore what engineers see as the most crucial part of a specification (SPOILER ALERT: It's the whole thing).

CTSP Episode 198 - Specifications Pt. 2: A Contractor's Perspective

Kevin Kipp, Co-Owner, Project Manager, and Estimator at Hardig Industrial Services, joins Jack and Paul to weigh in on their ongoing discussion on specifications. They explore the process of matching contractors with projects and products based on their competencies and the importance of talking through specifications during pre-job conferences.

How to Solve 4 Common Cold Weather Coating Application Issues

Use these tips to address the four most common types of cold weather coating application issues faced by applicators and contractors during the winter season.