CTSP Episode 149 - New Technology for Fire Tubes on Upstream Oil and Gas Process Vessels


Jack Walker and Paul Atzemis discuss a brand new technology brought to you by Carboline, Supoxy based coatings. The duo discusses the latest technology while introducing the first product in the line: Plasite XHT 400, designed to coat fire tubes on upstream process vessels. Paul and Jack also explain how fire tubes work and why coating them is challenging.

Learn more about the importance of fire tube coatings.


  • 0:00 – Intro and second takes
  • 1:25 – The goal of the Carboline Tech Service Podacst
  • 2:16 – The new Supoxy technology and Plasite XHT 400
  • 3:30 – Fire tubes in upstream oil and gas process vessels
  • 4:50 – Phase separation within upstream oil and gas process vessels
  • 6:15 – Gas phase within the upstream oil and gas process vessels
  • 7:02 – Steam coil heating versus fire tube heating
  • 8:33 – The development of Plasite HT 400
  • 10:29 – Application benefits of Supoxy technology
  • 11:17 – A different way to think about being “greener” with coatings
  • 12:17 – Wrap up

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