Plasite 4550 HT

Plasite 4550 HT is a highly chemical resistant reinforced epoxy novolac tank lining created to simplify high performance lining and foster a quality installation. The improved quality of the finished lining allows it to deliver maximum service life. In addition, the broad performance spectrum for this lining allows it to be used in a variety of services which simplifies owner specifications and develops contractor familiarity. Plasite 4550 HT is a heated plural component novolac-epoxy lining, and once applied can be placed into service quickly. Its lack of amine blush simplifies holiday testing, spot repairs and unnecessary delays. The lining can be easily sprayed in a smooth, uniform film from 12 mils to 40 mils in one coat for maximum quality and durability. It continues to cure at 20°F (-7°C) and can be placed into service the next day in normal temperatures.